About Us


We’re in the thriving Norbury High Street shopping area on London Road and our 40-plus years of family ownership and professional service has won us central south London’s affection. Households and businesses come for our excellent cleaning and laundry service, and for customer satisfaction that stems from our three guiding principles.

These are Honesty and Care towards the garment and customer, Responsiveness and Reaction to customer’s needs, and Allowing the Garment to Breathe again so it feels great to the customer. In 2012 we were named Most Loved Dry Cleaner in the UK.

We embrace latest cleaning techniques. Cherished garments and household furnishing materials, new and old, are catered for. We are south London’s specialists in cleaning Eastern wedding outfits and day wardrobe as well as Western.

We stand for quality, reliability and friendly personal service.

Just ring us on 0208 764 1918 about the dry cleaning you need doing.